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In some countries, many people believe that in order to achieve all the things that you want in life, you must know your roots. People who don’t look back to where they came from can't reach their destination. Well, it's up to you if believe in such sayings.

For many individuals, life is more enriched if they know their roots and who they really are; and your ancestry is not just about names. This is your family's blood line passed on to many generations. Because of this knowledgeable fact, millions of individuals are trying to trace their family's roots through genealogy.

When you're trying to make your own family tree, it would be much easier to have free genealogy forms & charts. Genealogists use two basic forms to record all their ancestral information and these are family record sheets and pedigree charts. These forms help people like you in keeping track of all information that you find regarding your family's history in a standard format that can be easily read and understood. The forms are recognized by all genealogists around the globe. The software programs of genealogy forms are all standard.

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About Free Genealogy Forms & Charts

We are extreme genealogy enthusiasts and in mid-2007, we were looking for genealogy forms on the Internet. At the time, there was one other site out there with anything decent, The Bailey's Free Genealogy Forms. They are still there and last time we checked, they even had new ones. We definitely suggest you check them out.

We believe that free genealogy forms & charts will help you save time and effort in your genealogy research and definitely help keep you organized. Plus, there is just something about having paper copies to whip out and bore the kids and company with.

So, after four years of trying to corner the lucrative market of genealogy forms, we decided to give ours away for free. We felt the diffentiation would be that we were selling the Excel and Visio files so that anyone could customize their forms and not just have the PDF files.

Very few people felt that was worth paying money for but we would like to thank the handful of you that actually plunked down your hard-earned cash for the forms. The tens of cents earned went to paying for the hosting of this site.

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Not only do we have free genealogy forms & charts with the editable source files (Excel & Visio), we know that these free genealogy forms & charts will help you tremendously.

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